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"Power to the people who punish bad cinema!"

The Anti New/Bad Movie Militia
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Are you sick of seeing ads for all the terrible new movies?
or repulsed that your old favorite tv show is being made into a crappy new movie?
or wish that they never made that horrible remake of that great old movie?
or wish they never made the new Star Wars movies?
did Tomb Raider the movie ruin the game for you?
sick of awful american remakes of great foreign films?
wish all the big-time actors and directors would just go away?
think they should have left Lord of the Rings in it's rightful book form?
feel like someone from "Cecil B. Demented"?
like John Waters or Kevin Smith?
did you pray that they wouldn't make your favorite comic book into bad movie?
feel Chicago should have been left a play?
or wish they never made that super-crappy sequel/prequel?
here's your place!